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Follow the guidebot's instructions
and review the details to check with the seller.

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Tutorial will Help You Understand
Trade Terms You need to Know.

Are you confused by trade terms
you’ve never heard of?

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Learn the Trade Process
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Conversation Guide.

Trade Process can make you feel confused.

Follow Bringoodz’s steps and Learn the process easily.

Instantly Check Total Cost And
Request Bringoodz for Transport.

Knowing the cost of goods purchased is crucial.

Find out the sum of the initial purchase and logistics cost right away.
We guarantee safe delivery at a reasonable price.

Customer Review

  • This tutorial taught me exactly what I should talk about with sellers. I was able to import successfully for the first time without much difficulty!

  • In addition to the tutorial, I quickly solved other problems using live chat support. I was satisfied to clearly understand the costs of goods I purchased as well as the costs of my transport.

  • After finishing the tutorial, I continued importing and customs clearance with Bringoodz. I safely received my products!

Trade is never hard.
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