Bringoodz : Digital Import
Freight Forwarding Service

Make Trade Easier and More Effective for
Global Buyers

We optimize your import through our guide, transport,
infrastructure, and data.


We Are Not
a Platform Company.

We are a digital freight forwarder
that takes the responsibility of
transporting the imports of companies.

International Logistics requires not just an intermediary platform,
but a problem solver to optimize and digitalize importing.

Who We Are
online quote and transport service

Every Work Process is Available
on Both Web and Mobile.

We provide an online quote and transport service to your destination.
Through Bringoodz’s digitalization, you can now track
and record all the process on both web and mobile.


We Offer the Best Price for Customers.
We Respond Quickly with Real-Time Cargo
Tracking and Automated Alert Service.

Get your quote, book, and enter the shipper’s
information. Let Bringoodz handle the rest.

Forwarding ProcessBringoodz Forwarding Service Process
Digital Forwarding Bringoodz



We Simplify VALUE CHAIN.

Bringoodz’s new business model removes
the unnecessary expenses that occur in the middle.


We Focus on E-commerce Trends.

We plan and enable specialized services for E-commerce sellers who import and sell goods domestically. Services like ‘Ocean Ticket’ and ‘Boful’ for domestic e-commerce sellers will launch soon.


We Provide Transparent Work Process And One-to-One Service.

When importing, we automatically provide information on the process for each step. Furthermore, each specialized CS personnel is adequately assigned to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.


⁠We Plan and Implement Service ⁠to Make Importing Easy For Anyone.

We lower the barriers to trade. Anyone can easily engage in trade with Bringoodz. From trade tutorial to real-time quote,⁠ we continue to help our users with the importing process.

Digital Forwarding Bringoodz Vision


Get the best quote for each transport right away.

With Bringoodz, you can get an instant quote to your final destination without having to ask every time.
(For less frequent regions of import, we’ll provide you a quote directly)

Get automatic updates on the status of your import. We provide an immediate response.

Gone are the days of checking your freight over a phone and email. Bringoodz provides automatic updates on your cargo every step. In case of any issue, our support team is available to assist you one-on-one.

We provide the BEST PRICE for small businesses.

Freight costs will no longer be discriminated by the amount of importing freight. With Bringoodz, even a small company without much freight can still use the freight rates of a large company.

Make Your Product More Competitive.

Digital Freight Forwarder Bringoodz is here to help.

We make trade easier
Digital freight forwarder: Bringoodz

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