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Terms of Use(Necessary)
  1. Article 1 (Purpose)

    The purpose of this Terms of Use is to prescribe the details of services, conditions of use, procedures, rights and obligations between the Company and its customers and other necessary matters concerning the easy services provided by Seller Note (hereinafter “Company”). These Terms and Conditions also apply to e-commerce using PC, mobile web, and mobile apps related to the service.

  2. Article 2 (Definition and Interpretation of Terms)

    Importer' is a 'service' user who requests international logistics and can use 'service' after signing up for membership through 'homepage' or 'app' or 'app' for customers. 'Easy' is a service that SellerNote Co., Ltd. provides international logistics arrangement with a license for international logistics. The term 'user customer' means an 'importer' who has used or intends to use the company's services. 'Service' refers to all services provided by the company to the 'customer' through 'Easy', specifically covering the following forms.

    1. A. 'Real-time quotation inquiry' means a service in which the importer registers information about areas and cargoes requiring logistics services, submits the quotation immediately or within a certain period of time, and when the importer accepts the information.
    2. B. 'Ocean Ticket/Imported Transport after Warehouse' means a service in which the importer registers information about areas and cargoes requiring LCL (Small Cargo Import) logistics services, submits an estimate immediately or within a certain period of time, and if accepted by the importer.
    The 'fee' for service use applies to 'the scope of imported logistics commissioned by Easy', and the cost will be charged to the importer after the shipment arrives in Korea. The charges will be based on the criteria considering the type, volume, weight, type of container, number of containers, etc. of the actual imported cargo, not the cargo information requested by the customer.
    As requested by the importer, certain duties (transportation, customs clearance, etc.) have been carried out in the foreign country where the request has been requested, and any costs incurred overseas will be charged if the request is cancelled. 'Fee' can be paid by separate payment method recognized by the company, and detailed 'Quote Items/Costs/Additional Actual Expenses Details' can be found through 'Detailed Quotation Download' in the service.
  3. Article 3 (applicable laws, etc.)

    For matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions, the information and communication network use promotion and information protection laws (information and communications network laws), consumer protection laws in e-commerce, commercial laws, and other related laws and commercial practices.

  4. Article 4 (Provision and Change of Service)

    Service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special problem in the company's business or technology. However, the day or time set by the company due to the need for regular inspections is excluded. It will be notified through the service provision screen.
    The company's intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts or rights to apps and their applications) In addition, no right to the intellectual property of the company's retail or advertising partners is granted to the user.
    If the user excludes the company's service and requests a separate transaction, the use of the service may be restricted.
    The use of the services and apps provided by the company is free of charge.

  5. Article 5 (Fee, etc.)

    The company may charge additional fees from the customer if. If additional costs are incurred in accordance with the 'Importer' needs other than the scope originally requested by the 'Importer', inform the importer of this fact and inform the estimated costs. We will process and charge actual fees incurred as agreed between 'importer' and 'easy' in writing/wire.

    The customer's service use is suspended until all debts incurred in connection with the service are settled, such as expenses incurred in connection with the service, damages, etc. are settled. If the debt is not reimbursed for a certain period of time, the customer's membership may be forfeited. The criteria for the suspension of service use or deprivation of membership are based on the terms and conditions of the company and its policy of use.

    If the customers do not comply with these terms and conditions and each of the above, the company reserves the right to terminate the contract in addition to charging various fees, such as the amount of damages, under these terms and policies.
    If the customer's debts incurred in connection with this service are not settled, the company may take legal measures to reimburse the customer for such things as disposition of compensation, filing a lawsuit, and enforcement procedures.

  6. Article 6 (Obligations of Service Users)

    Users must comply with the matters notified by the company, such as related laws and regulations, terms and conditions, and usage guidelines, and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the company's business.
    Work without checking the terms and conditions Since the responsibility for the problem that occurs during the operation belongs to the'user' himself, he must carefully review the terms and conditions before using the service.
    The'user' must accurately check the details and conditions of the transaction before starting All losses and damages incurred during the transaction without checking the details and conditions of the transaction belong to the'User'.
    The'User' must be sure that the information directly entered must be truthful and if the user is false If damage occurs to the company or other users by entering other illegal information, all responsibilities, including civil and criminal liability, belong to the user himself.
    'Users' are determined and recognized by the'company'. The service must be used according to the method used.
    The user must not perform any of the following actions in relation to the use of the service.
    Registration of false information when applying for or changing the service
    Changing the information posted by the company without permission from the company
    Information other than the information set by the company (computer programs, etc.) It is the act of sending or posting an easy service, creating an Internet “link” to the service, or “framing” or “mirroring” the app to another server or wireless or Internet-based device.
    Stealing passwords
    Infringing on intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company or other third parties
    Acts that damage the reputation of the company or other third parties or interfere with business
    Obscene or violent messages , Video, audio, and other information that is contrary to public order and morals to the company.
    An act of writing content that interferes with our business without justifiable reasons.
    Service is provided through any processing. Any act of copying, disassembling or imitating or otherwise altering, accessing the app for the purposes listed below
    To design or produce reverse engineering or competing products or services
    To design or produce products that use ideas, features, functions or graphics similar to services or apps
    To duplicate the app's ideas, features, functions or graphics
    A web spider, a web crawler, a web robot, and a web ant as an act that interferes with the company's normal service by causing a load on the company's server by using the service in a way different from the normal usage, such as using an automatic connection program, etc. , Web indexer, bot virus, worms, etc. to start the execution of automatic programs or scripts
    Acts that violate other relevant laws or regulations set by the company
  7. Article 7 (Information and Posts on Bid Information Registration)

    If the user's'registered information' and'post' contains contents that violate related laws such as the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act, the company will provide the relevant'registered information' or'post' You must respond to requests such as suspension of posting or deletion, and take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.
    Even if there is no request in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the company has reasons for admissible infringement of rights or violates other company policies and related laws. In such cases, temporary measures may be taken with respect to the relevant “registered information” or “post” in accordance with the relevant laws.
    The copyright of the post posted by the user belongs to the user who posted it. For the purpose of operating, displaying, transmitting, distributing, and promoting the service, the user's postings may be used free of charge and in accordance with the fair practices stipulated in the copyright law without the user's separate permission.
    If you want to use the user's post by using the user's post, you must obtain the user's consent in advance via phone, e-mail, etc.
    All rights to the'registered information' or'post' created by the user And responsibility lies with the user who posted it, and the company may delete the contents of the service posted or registered by the user without prior notice if it is determined that the contents of the service fall under each of the following clauses, and the company is not responsible for this.

    In the case of content that defames or defames other users or third parties.
    In case of content that violates public order and morals
    In case it is recognized that it is linked to criminal activity
    In case of infringing other rights such as copyright of the company, copyright of a third party, etc.
    In case of posting pornography or linking to pornographic sites
    Posting commercial advertisements or promotional contents that have not been previously approved by the company In case of
    In case of content not related to the product
    In case of writing content that interferes with our business without justifiable reason
    In case of violation of other related laws

  8. Article 8 (Termination of Service and Restriction of Use)

    If there are other significant reasons, such as difficulty in providing smooth service due to reduced use and deterioration in profitability, the need to switch to next-generation services due to technological progress, changes in company policy related to service provision, etc. The company may change or suspend all or part of the services provided according to the needs of the company.
    The company may modify, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge according to the needs of the company's policies and operations. , Unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws, we do not provide separate compensation to users.
    If there is a change or service interruption in the contents of the service, the method of use, and the time of use, the contents of the service to be changed or stopped, and The reason and date will be notified in advance in a way that the user can fully recognize, such as the company's'website' or the'Notice' screen in the service before the change or suspension.
    If you violate your obligations or interfere with the normal operation of the service, you can gradually limit the use of the service by warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, etc.
    Despite the preceding paragraph, the company violates the'Resident Registration Act' Theft of one person, theft of payment, theft of phone numbers, provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the'Copyright Act' and'Computer Program Protection Act', illegal communication and hacking in violation of the'Information and Communication Network Act', distribution of malicious programs, and access rights Permanent suspension of use is possible immediately in case of violation of related laws such as excessive acts, etc. In case of permanent suspension pursuant to this section, all benefits obtained through the use of the service will also lapse, and the company does not compensate for this. The conditions and details of restrictions within the scope of use restrictions in this Article shall be determined in accordance with the Company’s Use Restriction Policy.
    Users shall file an objection in accordance with the procedures established by the Company regarding restrictions on use pursuant to this Article. At this time, if the company admits that the objection is justified, the company will immediately resume using the service.

  9. Article 9 (Cancellation and Termination)

    Users can cancel the Easy Service contract according to these terms and conditions. If the user applies for withdrawal, the company checks the identity of the person and takes action according to the application.
    In the event that the user violates the obligations set forth in these terms and conditions, the user may terminate the contract of use after prior notification, however, if the user violates the current law or damages the company by intentional or gross negligence, use it without prior notice. You can cancel the contract.

  10. Article 10 (Refund on Reserve)

    Refund provisions under this Agreement comply with the laws concerning consumer protection in e-commerce, etc. In the case of unused reserves, refunds may be received upon request from the date of payment in accordance with Article 17 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act on e-Commerce, etc. For a refund request, please click on the 'Refund' button on the buyer's My Page or contact customer support. Importers can get a full refund at any time if they apply for the remaining amount after the deposit payment.
  11. Article 11 (Company's responsibilities and obligations)

    When an importer is easily engaged in transportation through a service, he/she shall comply with 'Incoterms' and 'Additional requests' for transportation to clarify where he/she is responsible for his/her duties. However, because it is easy to transport and not a customs service, it is not responsible for any import customs clearance. The company shall not engage in acts prohibited by the relevant laws and these terms and conditions and shall endeavor to provide services in a continuous and stable manner. The company shall have a security system for protecting personal information so that customers can use the service safely, and shall disclose and comply with the personal information collection and processing policy. The company complies with the obligations set forth by the relevant statutes.

  12. Article 12 (Company's Disclaimer)

    If the company is unable to provide the service due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from the responsibility for service provision.

    The company is not responsible for the contents of information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by users in relation to the service.
    Responsibility is waived in the case of transactions between a third party and a third party through service.
    The company uses in accordance with Article 4 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and Article 44-7 of the same Act. Customers have the discretion to delete profanity, slander, or other insulting postings.
    The Company shall not be held liable for the use of services provided free of charge unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws. The third party is not responsible for monitoring the content and quality of products or services advertised through the screens or linked websites in the service.
    The company, employees and agents of the company are as follows. We are not responsible for any damages arising from the items.

    Damage caused by false or inaccurate information of the user
    Personal damage arising from the process of accessing the service and using the service, regardless of its nature and status
    Damages arising from any illegal third party access to or illegal use of the server
    Damages arising from any illegal interruption or interruption of the transmission to or from the server by a third party Damage caused by all viruses, spyware and other malicious programs that are illegally transmitted, distributed, or transmitted or distributed by a third party using the service.
    Due to errors, omissions, omissions, or destruction of transmitted data Damage incurred
    Various civil and criminal liability due to defamation and other illegal acts that occur in the process of using the service between users

  13. Article 13 (Compensation for Damage)

    It is easy after understanding and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If the user violates the relevant laws or regulations, regardless of whether or not they are mentioned in this agreement or in the case of illegal acts performed by the user while using the service.
    In relation to the above, a third party shall indemnify the company for its responsibilities and expenses (including attorney fees). Even if a user, employee, attorney, or agent makes a claim for damages or a lawsuit, the user must indemnify it at his own responsibilities and expenses (including attorney fees).

  14. Article 14 (Change of Terms of Use)

    The company may amend, revise or replace these terms from time to time at its sole discretion.
    The company posts the contents of these terms and conditions on the homepage so that users can know it or on the initial screen of the app
    The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions within the scope of not violating related laws such as the 「Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions」 and 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」
    When the Company revises the terms and conditions, specify the date of application, the revision content, and the reason for the revision, starting at least 7 days prior to the application date (30 days prior to changes in matters unfavorable or material to customers including you). It will be notified by the method set forth above until a considerable period of time has elapsed after the effective date.
    If the company also announces that it will be regarded as consent if it does not express consent or rejection when notifying the revised terms and conditions If you do not express your rejection before the effective date of the terms and conditions, you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.
    If you do not agree to the application of the revised terms and conditions, the company or its users can easily terminate the service use contract.

  15. Article 15 (Personal Information Protection)

    The collection, use, storage, and transfer of personal information of users are generally in accordance with the company's personal information collection and processing policy, and the contents notified when consenting to the collection of personal information, and the latest version is posted on the company's website. At the discretion of the Company, the Privacy Policy may be amended or updated from time to time and is incorporated into these Terms by mentioning in these Terms.

  16. Article 16 (Governing Law and Competent Court)

    The law of the Republic of Korea applies to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and disputes between the company and the user.
    Lawsuits between the user and the company during the use of the service shall be conducted by the court or Seoul Central The district court is the competent court.

  17. Addendum

    These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on March 19, 2021.

Privacy Policy(Necessary)

Seller Note Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the'Company') is to protect users' personal information and rights and interests in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, and to smoothly handle user's grievances related to personal information. If the company revises its privacy policy, the company will notify it through website announcements (or individual notices) 7 days in advance.
This policy will take effect from March 23, 2021. It's possible.

  1. Article 1 (Purpose of processing personal information)

    The company processes personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act. We will take necessary measures such as obtaining separate consent.

    application membership registration and management-Confirmation of intention to sign up for membership, identification and authentication according to the provision of membership service, maintenance and management of membership qualifications, identification due to enforcement of limited identification system, service denial Personal information is processed for the purpose of preventing use, various notices and notifications, handling grievances, and preserving records for dispute resolution.
    Civil Affairs Processing-Verification of the identity of the complainant, confirmation of civil complaints , Personal information is processed for the purpose of contacting and notifying for fact-finding, notification of processing results, etc.
    Providing goods or services-Providing services, sending bills, providing contents, and providing customized services Personal information is processed for the purpose of personal authentication, etc.
    Use for marketing and advertising-New service (product) development and customized service provision, event and advertisement information provision and participation opportunities Personal information is processed for the purpose of providing, determining access frequency, or statistics on the use of services by members.

  2. Article 2 (processing and retention period of personal information)

    The company processes and retains personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information in accordance with the law or within the period of retention and use of personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from the data subject.
    The personal information processing and retention period is as follows.
    • ◻ provide goods or services
      • Retention basis: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection
      • retention period
        • Records on collection/processing and use of credit information: 3 years
        • Records on consumer complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years
        • Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
        • Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
        • Records on display/advertising: 6 months
    • ◻ Introduction and guidance on various information and events related to the use of the customer's service
      • Retention basis: consent from data subject
      • retention period: 1 year
  3. Article 3 (providing personal information to third parties)

    The company processes the personal information of the information subject only within the range specified in Article 1 (the purpose of processing personal information), and if it falls under Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as consent of the information subject and special provisions of the law. Only personal information is provided to third parties.
    The company provides personal information to third parties as follows.

    A. Persons to whom personal information is provided: Importer who is a member of Bringoodz, etc.
    B. Purpose of using personal information of the recipient: Progress of import business, application for quotation, logistics arrangement and customs service provision, and data analysis for this purpose
    C. Items of personal information provided: personal information (name, contact information, address) other than information directly entered by consumers for service use
    D. Retention/use period of the recipient: 6 months from the date of service provision

  4. Article 4 (Exceptions to the provision of personal information to third parties)

    The company provides the user's personal information to partners only within the range specified in Article 1 (Scope and Method of Collection of Personal Information) of the Privacy Policy, and provides it to other people and third parties for use other than the purpose of using the service. However, in cases where personal information may be provided without the consent of the user:
    In case the user discloses personal information in advance (acts such as posting or commenting)
    If there is a request from an investigative agency in accordance with regulations or for investigation purposes

  5. Article 5 (Consignment of personal information processing)

    The company entrusts some of the tasks necessary for service provision to external companies, and regulates and manages/supervises the matters necessary for the entrusted company to safely process personal information in accordance with the Information and Communication Network Act. If you do not use the services related to the business entrusted to the consignment company, your personal information will not be provided to the consignee company.

    consigneeconsignment contentperiod of retention and use of personal information
    NICE Payments, Inc.Payment processing (credit card, account transfer, virtual account and other payment methods) and payment theft preventionAt the time of membership withdrawal or at the end of consignment contract
    Seller Note Co., Ltd. contains the contents of computerized consignment for payment functions provided to buyers, according to Article 25 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (Consignment of handling personal information) as follows. We will share your personal information with the handling consignment company with information and consent. If you check “Consent to share personal information,” you are deemed to have consented to the sharing of personal information.
    1. 1. Person who receives personal information handling consignment (hereinafter referred to as 'trustee'): Siot Co., Ltd.
    2. 2. Contents of personal information handling consignment: Provide computer systems necessary for interworking and management with computer solutions supplied by electronic financial companies to provide online payment services
  6. Article 6 (rights, duties and methods of exercise of data subjects)

    The data subject can exercise the following rights related to personal information protection against the company at any time.
    1. Request to view personal information
    2. Request correction if there is an error
    3. request to delete
    4. Request to stop processing
    The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 can be made to the company in writing, by phone, e-mail, fax, etc., and the company must take action without delay.
    If a request for correction or deletion of personal information errors, etc., the Company shall not use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.
    The exercise of the rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 is performed by the data subject. This can be done through a legal representative, a person who has been delegated, etc. In this case, a power of attorney must be submitted in accordance with the form of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act, Attachment 11.
    The information subject violates related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act Therefore, it must not infringe on the personal information and privacy of the information subject or others handled by the company.
    Requests for suspension of access and processing of personal information are made in Article 35 (5) and Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act. The rights of the data subject may be limited by

    Request for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested if the personal information is specified as the object of collection in other laws.
    Seller Note verifies whether the person who made the request, such as a request for access according to the rights of the information subject, a request for correction or deletion, or a request for access to a suspension of processing, is the person or a legitimate agent.
  7. Article 7 (Personal information items processed)

    The company processes the following personal information items.
    • member registration and management
      • Required items: First name, company name, email, contact, password
    • providing goods or services
      • Before transaction (importer essential item): cargo information such as import section location (from/to), cargo type, size, container type (product name, volume, weight, two-stage loading, dangerous goods, etc.), incoterms,
      • After transaction (importer required item): Personal information of the shipper for import transportation (company name/person in charge/email/contact information)
      • After transaction (importer selection): All documents required for import customs clearance (C/I, P/L, C/O)
    • Introduction and guidance on statistics, information and events related to the customer's service use – name, phone number, email, contact number, address, enquiries, etc.
      Name, phone number, e-mail address, inquiry content The following personal information items may be automatically generated and collected during the Internet service use process.

      operating system information, device identifier, visit record, service use record, illegal use record, transaction record, screen size

  8. Article 8 (destruction of personal information)

    The company destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as the elapse of the personal information retention period or the achievement of the processing purpose.
    The personal information retention period agreed by the information subject has elapsed or If personal information is still required to be preserved in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the achievement of the processing purpose, the personal information is transferred to a separate database (DB) or stored in a different storage location.
    Destruction of personal information The procedures, deadlines and methods are as follows.
    • destruction procedure

      The information entered by the user will be stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policies and other related laws after the purpose is achieved.

    • destruction limit

      When the retention period of the user's personal information has elapsed: within 5 days from the end of the retention period
      When the user's personal information becomes unnecessary (achievement of the purpose of processing personal information, abolition of service, business End, etc.): Within 5 days from the date when personal information is recognized as unnecessary

    • How to destroy

      Information in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that cannot reproduce records, and personal information printed on paper is shredded or destroyed by incineration.

  9. Article 9 (Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Personal Information Automatic Collection Device (Cookie))

    The company uses'cookies' in order to provide customized services specialized to members. Cookies are small text files sent by the server used to operate the website to the user's browser. The company uses cookies for targeted marketing through analysis of access frequency and visit time, identification of members' tastes and interests, tracking traces, information on participation in various events, and number of visits.
    Members have the option to install cookies, and members can accept cookies or refuse to save all cookies by setting options in the mobile application or web browser. There may be difficulties in using necessary services.
    How to reject cookie setting Example: To reject cookie setting, select the option of the mobile application or web browser used by the member to allow all cookies or save cookies. You can check each time or refuse to store all cookies.

  10. Article 10 (Collection and Transmission of Behavioral Information)

    When the data subject visits our website, the information subject's behavior information may be automatically collected and transmitted to the web log analysis tool provider such as Google through the web log analysis tool.

  11. Article 11 (Measures to ensure the safety of personal information)

    The company is taking the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.
    • administrative measures-internal management plan establishment and implementation, regular employee training, etc.
    • technical measures-management of access rights such as personal information processing systems, installation of access control systems, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security programs
    • physical action-access control for computer rooms, data storage rooms, etc.
  12. Article 12 (Personal Information Protection Officer)

    The company is in charge of the handling of personal information, and designates the person in charge of personal information protection as follows for the handling of complaints and remedies for the data subject related to the processing of personal information.
    person in charge of personal information protection
    • Name: Shin ho woong
    • Title: Director
    • Email:
    The information subject may inquire to the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge of all personal information protection related inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred while using the company's service (or business). We will respond and handle inquiries from the information subject without delay.
  13. additional clause

    1. Article 1 (effective date)

      The terms and conditions shall enter into force on 23 March 2021.

    2. Article 2 (Designation of person in charge)

      The location information manager is designated as follows as of March 23, 2021
      • Affiliation: Seller Note
      • Personal Information Manager: Director Shin ho woong
Contents of receiving agreement for advertising emails(Option)

ShipDa.SG PTE.LTD . (hereinafter referred to as 'Company') will send advertising mail to people who have signed up to our web/app services as per the terms and conditions.
You can change receiving range of emails in My page - Member information after signing up.

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