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Bringoodz is a digital forwarding service that directly delivers your product.
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How We Work 1.

Specialized Service
Combined With IT

From port of loading to final destination and customs clearance
the entire process is automatically tracked and guided real-time.
In addition, a professional CS manager is assigned to
each customer to provide customized service that is requested.

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  • Speed95%

    95% of customers who use Bringoodz received their quotes at a faster rate than they did from other forwarders.

  • Convenience89%

    89% of customers who use Bringoodz told that they easily manage documents and invoices of each import on web and are conveniently using the automatic guidance of current status for each stage of transport.

  • Cost Down50%

    The majority of customers who use Bringoodz experience up to 50% reduction in logistics costs compared to other forwarders.

Import Just Got A Whole Lot Easier with Bringoodz.

  • Tracking
  • Manage Transport
  • Reorder
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Cargo Tracking

Did you have to ask every time to know
where your cargo is and when it will arrive?
With Bringoodz, your cargo can be tracked
real-time on the web after port departure.

The image above is an example.

What may have seemed Complicated and Troublesome
is now Easy and Convenient on both Web and Mobile.
Here are Bringoodz's Services for your import.

Check Ocean/Air Freight Worldwide

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Small Cargo Import By Ocean
without Intermediate Distribution

Ocean Ticket

We provide specialized service for ocean LCL
with intermediate distribution removed.
(*The service is available from
major ports worldwide to Singapore port.)

Ocean Ticket

Digital Import Freight Forwarding Service

Brilliance in International Logistics. Take the Advantage for Your Business.

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